Push the boundaries of leather printing – opt for Alussa, Agfa Graphics’ revolutionary leather printing solution that relies on UV inkjet technology to create unique and stunning prints in any quantity.


Revolutionizing leather printing through unparalleled personalization and UV inkjet technology, the Alussa leather printing solution enables you to deliver superb craftsmanship. Enjoy the freedom to create unique and durable prints for footwear, handbags, clothing, furniture and more in any volume.


Combine logos, initials and pictures with a contemporary, eclectic or experimental style – whatever your purchaser needs, Alussa will produce with quality and detail, every time.


Create unique innovative printed leathers in photorealistic UV inkjet quality, with strong rub resistance and solid flex performance

Print in small and even one-off volumes for shorter production cycles and increased product differentiation.

Personalize print products such as footwear, handbags, clothing, furniture, small leather goods and vehicle seats by including logos, initials, images and more.

Key BEnefits

Enjoy a fully-integrated solution.

Avoid outsourcing and achieve shorter processing times and higher margins.

Rely on Agfa Graphics’ 150 years of experience in imaging, printing, inks and color management, as well as optimal support and guidance.

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